Business text messaging – Interesting Facts

Even though new methods of communication are evolving, sending text messages still remain as an efficient and powerful tool of communication. This is a quick and cost-effective method of keeping in contact with employees, customers, clients etc, either as a group or individually. Business Text Services is a permission-based method of sending news about promotions and offers, reminders about appointments and payments, customer updates and notifications of delivery of goods and services. Since they are easy to track and respond to, this method of business promotion has become very popular. Any client or customer who is interested to avail of this service can sign up and be a part of this wonderful system.Feel free to find more information at bulk text messaging.

More Customers Read Text Messages
Most people carry their cell phones with them, making text messages easier and faster for the customers to access and respond to. It is more personal, thus increasing satisfaction and loyalty of the customers. It has been studied that more than 95% of SMS messages are opened and read within 2 to 3 minutes of receiving them, making it much faster than reading an email. Nowadays, sending text messages from Email to SMS has a positive effect in the business world.

Saving Money and Time with Text Messages
In addition to being one of the most effective means of communication, marketing Text Services are also very affordable. No contract or monthly fees have to be paid, nor is there any set-up fee for this service. Servicing customers via letters and phone calls are very expensive when compared to text messaging. In order to save time, these can either be scheduled in advance or fixed messages can be set up. Another positive impact of texting is that it gives an extra leverage to businesses as messages sent by companies are passed on or forwarded to the contact list of the recipient.

Integration with Networks
Despite the fact that it is over 20 years since the first text message was sent, this form of communication still remains very popular for users of wireless network. But it must be remembered that an important message may be missed because people use many devices like smart phones, personal computers, tablets etc. In this situation, integrated messaging service has become popular wherein a text that is sent to a mobile number can be seen simultaneously on the other devices that the person is using. This makes sure that no message is missed, whether important or not. Text messages can be integrated into your website, and other social networking pages like Twitter and Face book. Texts and keywords can be automatically sent via these networks to reach a large section of viewers, thus advertising the business to more customers.